We believe the family dog is just that, a member of the family and deserves a holiday too!

We accept well behaved dogs with responsible owners.

We are very happy for you to have your dog accompany you on holiday, but it is under the strict understanding that you adhere to our rules relating to the acceptance of dogs in our properties.

We allow one dog per property at £70 per week or £10 per night over a short break

Our properties are furnished at great expense and are presented in a clean condition for you and we wish to keep them that way. Our cleaning standards ensure that guests without dogs can confidently stay in our cottages without detecting doggie smells and doggie hairs! However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our ‘house rules’ for dogs weren’t respected, so we appreciate your co-operation and respect for others staying after you.

Here are our House rules for dogs:

  • Dogs are not permitted on any furniture, i.e. sofas and beds – even with covers applied
  • Dogs are not permitted in the bedrooms of our cottages
  • Dogs are not permitted to be left in the cottage or grounds unattended
  • The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
  • Dogs must be clean before entry to the cottage
  • Your dog must not be permitted to cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring properties
  • Your dog must be on a leash in all public areas of the Inn and should not be allowed to run around the bars
  • You must clean up your dog poop and dispose of thoughtfully
  • Your dog must be at least 1 year old at the time of your holiday.

As we’ve said, we have strict house rules if you are bringing your dog, before you book a holiday with us please read our House rules for dogs

Your booking is accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our conditions.

If we find they have been where they shouldn’t – i.e. the bedrooms or on any furniture – or caused any kind of damage whatsoever or caused us extra cleaning costs, flea treatment etc. then we will charge you for reinstating the property and its contents to the condition they were before you arrived. So if your dog chews the leg of a dining chair we will likely need to replace the set.

We’re sorry if this sounds harsh, but we’ve had to become stricter after some guests have abused our hospitality and allowed their dogs free reign over the furniture with no regard for the cleaning and replacement costs incurred after they have left and the limited time we have available to sort these problems out between them departing and new guests arriving.

What you need to bring with you

We recommend that you bring your dog’s bed/crate, bedding and towels with you, feed & water bowls and poop bags. We will provide a stairgate to restrict access to upstairs bedrooms within certain properties for no extra charge.